From Burnout to Bright Light

You’ve taken multitasking to a new level, even down to paying bills on your phone while “indisposed”.  In theory, you know you’re supposed to take care of yourself. But according to your calculations, you need at least 36 hours in a day and all those late-night infomercial As Seen on TV gadgets to make it happen.

This is your life now, and something needs to change

Hi, my name is Andrea.  I’m a psychotherapist but you might also call me a champion for the overwhelmed and first responder to the burned out.

I work with people like you, successful, burnt-out, mid-career professionals, overwhelmed by the increasing evidence that they are stuck in survival-mode; existing but not living.  You know life can be different because of the mounting evidence from what you’ve been reading on Audible, self-help blogs, FB pop-up articles and listening to on your favorite podcasts.  Yet, with all of this information, you’re left asking yourself, “But how do I do this?”

How One Hour Can Change the Other 23

Through individual therapy, infused with a little humor, I help you with the how.  Side-by-side, I work with you to uncover the obstacles getting in the way and to discover the courage, you don’t think you have, to overcome them.

I can’t give you 36 hours, but one hour with me might change your other 23. Let me tell you how.

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